Green has different meanings to different people but in the cabinet industry the term green is often misused. Its important to understand that customers have different green priorities including healthier indoor air quality and reduced environmental impact.

While many cabinet lines are striving to be better stewards of the environment we've been especially impressed with the efforts of
Crystal Cabinet Works. Crystal continues to build on their legacy of balancing environmental considerations with durable cabinetry and healthy lifestyle choices for customers.
Crystal is proud to have been directly involved with the development of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association's new Environmental Stewardship Program. All of Crystal's cabinet manufacturing facilities are certified under this KCMA program that was developed to build upon the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Home Building Guidelines.
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By its FSC chain of custody certification, Crystal continues to show that it is truly a leader in the development of green custom cabinetry. Customer can be assured that when ordering FSC certified cabinetry, the wood is sourced responsibly from well-managed forests.
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Products carrying the EPP Downstream logo were manufactured by a company that has demonstrated their environmental commitment by purchasing at least 50% CPA EPP certified composite wood products.
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green cabinetry

GreenQuest is Crystal's new frameless, environmentally-friendly cabinet line that offers a multitude of options to design healthy and sustainable custom cabinetry. GreenQuest allows customers to create their cabinetry by choosing green materials and features that are especially important to them and their projects. With GreenQuest cabinetry, customers may choose from an array of green features:

  • no added urea formaldehyde boxwork
  • wood species certified according to the FSC criteria
  • low-emitting water-based finishes
  • recycled materials
  • rapidly-renewable
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Earth Matters Brochure
The Earth Matters brochure is designed to present Crystal’s environmental initiatives and achievements to those who may be considering adding Crystal's products to their home. The ability to balance high-quality, handcrafted and durable cabinetry with added environmental benefits continues to distinguish Crystal in the custom cabinet marketplace.
Download a PDF version of the brochure.