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DEEP refrigerator1
I find that communicating to my kitchen clients some key facts as they make selections for all items that will go in their new kitchen will surely make the process easier for them and for me. One category that tends to give us some trouble needs more discussion as the kitchen design takes shape. Appliances can be a real dilemma. We rely on our appliance expert. (Her name is Andrea at Appliance Connection: (703) 492-7283) We do need to know which appliances you choose for your new kitchen, and in fact spend a good bit of time getting various specifications and exact dimensions to ensure we allow enough clearance for our cabinetry. We also advise as best as we can how the appliances you choose will integrate, fit, and look when set in place in your brand new kitchen. This is tough to do perfectly on paper or with words. 
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Winter 2012 Promotions Going On Now!

Crystal Cabinetry Winter Promotion
  • Free Upgrade to Inset Styling
  • Free Highlight or Glazing
  • Free Upgrade to Cherry Wood
From now until April 10th, 2012 Crystal cabinetry is offering free upgrades for all of their cabinet lines. If you or your clients are looking for a way to save some money on custom or semi-custom cabinetry, now is the time. These discounts are valid on orders placed from now until April 10th, 2012.
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Paint, Highlighting & Brushing

shiloh brushing technique

High end custom cabinetry lines have been offering a brushed finish for years, but now some semi-custom cabinet lines are starting to offer the unique finish. Shiloh Cabinetry is one of those lines. And even better than just offering the finish, they offer it as a standard, no upcharge option.

The Brushing Technique is the newest addition to Shiloh's lineup of specialty finishes. The brushing is hand applied for an antiqued appearance. It is available in Polar White, Soft White, Eggshell or Ivory, with Cafe or Slate Highlight. Due to the hand-applied process, significant variation is common.

Read more to see the available colors.
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soap stone

Money Magazine declared Soapstone #1 in value when compared to Granite, Solid Surface, Concrete, Butcher Block and Ceramic Tile.

We have had a Soapstone countertop in our showroom for years and it still gets a lot of attention. People have a lot of questions about its durability and cost. Below are a few pros and cons of Soapstone just in case you are considering it for your kitchen. If you would like a closer look please feel free to stop by our showroom.

SoapStone is a soft stone found in Finland, Brazil and in the heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Below are some of the pros and cons of choosing this surface for your kitchen.

• Its naturally nonporous (stain resistant)
• No fussy, vulnerable sealants; scratches can be sanded and oiled away.
• Prices out similar to granite

• You can get any color you want, so long as it's green or dark gray.
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Trends - 1" Thick Doors

1 inch thick doors
Looking to create stunning cabinetry with substance?

Try using one of Crystal's 1" thick door styles. The thicker, heavier look of these styles creates dramatic depth and an element of quality and true craftsmanship. Available on inset construction only, you have the option of 3/4" thick face frames or 1" thick face frames.

Design Tip:
Use 1" thick door styles on a 3/4" thick face frame. This allows for an additional profile to be added to the outside edge of the door to enhance the depth even more.

Click "Read More" to see the door styles available at 1" thick
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NARI President's Breakfast (August)

Latest News from NARI:
Join us for the August President's Breakfast. This free breakfast meeting brings together professionals in the remodeling industry to network and share their insights. There's no set agenda--just time to discuss what's on your mind.

Thursday, August 11, 2011
Time: 7:30 am - 9:00 am
Host: Architectural Ceramics
Location: 800 East Gude Drive, Suite F
Rockville, MD 20850
RSVP using this online form
Contact June Stanich of the Membership Committee at (703) 591-7443 or by email.
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Camping at Home - life at home without the use of your kitchen

living without your kitchen

When people tell me they are ready to remodel their kitchens, we have a lot of information to exchange. I want to know their needs and tastes, and they need to know exactly what the process is. One area that I find some confusion is the gutting part where they don’t have a kitchen for about 6 weeks. Many folks never thought about the fact that they would spend time packing up everything in that kitchen, have a contractor tear everything out often including the drywall, then proceed to rebuild it from the bottom up. This will take some time, almost always 6 weeks.

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NARI - July Education Dinner Meeting Announced

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

What's your "X" Factor? How do you distinguish yourself from your competition when you meet with potential clients? Join NARI July 20th as Tim Nagle, Owner of Remodel Buddy, discusses how to create the ultimate marketing system. You'll gain a more in-depth understanding of what marketing truly is and how to develop a system for your success through the Art of Differentiation! You'll discover how to identify the important point of difference--one that matters to your ideal clients and how to promote it.

Concurrent Sessions will include:
- New Local Building Codes for Montgomery County: Are you current on the Changes?
George Muste, Manager of Montgomery County Residential Review,
Steve Thomas, Manager of Montgomery County Residetnial Ispections

- The Sale Beneath the Sale: From Kids in the Candy Store to Signed Construction Agreements
Jeff Nay, President, Sandler Training

Early Registration Ends July 15th.
Register Now to Save.
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The Falls Church HS Senior Art Show

You're Invited!!!

The Falls Church High School Senior Art Show is running from May 20th - June 2nd. The reception is JUne 2nd from 6pm to 8pm at the Kleppinger Design Group Showroom at 2809-A Merrilee Drive Fairfax, VA 22031. For direction click here
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Shiloh's Custom Paint Program

The inability to find your perfect color no longer stands in the way of achieving your vision. Shiloh Cabinetry is now offering the entire Sherwin-Williams color palette as part of their Custom Paint Program. With an entire palette of colors to choose from, the Custom Paint Program opens up a whole new possibility for color. Just visit any Sherwin-Williams location and choose your perfect color. Then let Shiloh Cabinetry go to work making your vision a reality.
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