Shiloh's Custom Paint Program

The inability to find your perfect color no longer stands in the way of achieving your vision. Shiloh Cabinetry is now offering the entire Sherwin-Williams color palette as part of their Custom Paint Program. With an entire palette of colors to choose from, the Custom Paint Program opens up a whole new possibility for color. Just visit any Sherwin-Williams location and choose your perfect color. Then let Shiloh Cabinetry go to work making your vision a reality.
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A Fresh Start (Part 3) Craft Room Wrap Up

Julies craft room finished

It seems as though we started remodeling the craft room in my house about 4 months ago, but I can now say, we are 99% finished. My #1 goal was to find ways to organize everything so I could find it easily. I also wished for a more attractive place to work in, with better light and restful colors. Additionally, I didn’t want to break the bank. 

By taking out the silly sofa bed that was supposed to work for guests (but never really did) and making this strictly a work space, we gained lots of room. I now have several distinct work spaces, and find that two can comfortably sit at separate areas and work at the same time. I saved money by using shelving, lighting, fabric and storage units mainly from IKEA. I also made liberal use of The Container Store. Of course, having access to custom cabinetry helped immensely. I tapped into friends and relatives who were happy to help, if not in a huge rush. 

I left the walls in the faux finish stripes that I did with a friend many moons ago. It is durable and neutral and provides a soft pattern against so much white furniture. The fabric gave us the colors such as the soft grey blue used in accessories. There are touches of black in the new desk chair and various other items. I really think every room should have some black. Glass doors in the wall units help me see where things are and give depth and interest in what could have been fairly flat looking. 

We have one drawer strictly for paints of all kinds. (acrylics, glass, fabric) The containers with all the brushes are behind glass doors directly above. There are bins labeled for every craft I am (so far) interested in located in the open shelf unit. The rubber stamps, inks and papers are right at hand with glue and scissors close by. Making a quick card for someone does not now involve an hour long search for materials.

The beads, wire, findings, and pliers are just a reach below the card stuff. I plan to take a few classes this summer to brush up on ways to assemble these collected treasures. I have a special area I call the “jewelry hospital” so I can sit to repair/rework things when I find a little time.  

Inspiration is close at hand as all my magazines/books are corralled properly and labeled clearly.

The sewing things are mostly located at the new workstation under the window. I was thinking this would be the best location because of the natural light, but realize now I need to put a light-blocking shade up there too for when the sun is blaring in. Both the Bernina and the Serger fit nicely on my new L-shaped top. All the notions are in the desk drawers to the right. That desk belonged to my husband when he was in high school (in the 60’s!!!) and he thought I was crazy to re-use it, but painted up and with new spiffy hardware it works just fine, and it is a bit of nostalgia in a room full of new things. I also merely spray-painted and re-covered the seat and back of an old chrome chair I found on the curb about 20 years ago.  Covered with a dusty blue patterned fabric left over from another project, it now has a new life.  

A sore area was always trying to find zippers, buttons, seam tape, interfacings and the like. I found cute little bins on sale at the container store and made labels for each item. These are now in the closet on shelves which is concealed most of the time by a curtain.  I can open the curtain either way as I made a tie back and put a hook on each side. This is helpful when I’m trying to reach up high or pulling out large things.  Those deep shelves are perfect for folded fabric storage as I can see easily where it is.

What you don’t see in these pictures is the ironing board, which truthfully is up almost all the time. There is plenty of room to move around when it is up, and it is handy for a quick touch up. When we are sewing, we find it’s nice to lower it and pull it up close to the sewing machine. There is much less wear and tear and it’s a time saver.

I have to thank the cast of characters for all their support and assistance. My daughter Kelly is the person who assured me that we could do this. She aided in the design and muscled huge heavy boxes of built-it-yourself furniture in and out of vehicles and actually assembled that big unit herself while I was at work. My husband Ralph was extremely important to the project as he re-wired outlets, installed new light fixtures, built the countertop, installed the cabinets and crown molding, cut odd shaped shelves for the closet and offered moral support. Also, Langston Urrita, our painter friend, kindly donated his time removing the old wall paper border.  

I now have a beautiful room I am proud to share with friends who want to play/craft with me. 

This exercise was really exactly what we go through to remodel a kitchen. Finding everything in it’s place, getting enough room to work comfortably, access to all the machines, and having a beautiful space to share with friends and family is the goal. We help folks realize that every day at Kleppinger Design Group. 

PS: I don’t recommend a do it yourself for a kitchen project.
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Crystal Update

I just wanted to take a minute and share some news from Crystal. I spent then last 3 days up at the factory with 14 others designers from around the country, learning about upcoming product offerings, while at the same time they picked our brains for products and features we as designers would like to see. They have been fortunate to have seen growth in the last year, and were very sincere in passing on their thanks for our business. That growth has allowed them to develop new products, and expand upon existing ones. Coming this summer we will see several new stain colors for Maple, Cherry and Alder, new design options, expanded moldings and more. They are limiting themselves only to their and our imagination for products we can think of.

So check back in a few weeks as we get the official release of these new products.


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NARI President's Breakfast

Two President's Breakfasts Announced
Friday, May 13th and Wednesday, June 15th 
Join the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for two upcoming President's Breakfasts. At these free casual events, meet Chapter President, Jerry Levine, as well as others in the business. Members can bring guests. Anyone thinking of joining is welcome to come and talk to members about NARI and get membership information. Hope to see you there.

Upcoming President's Breakfasts:

May 13, 2011
Lutron DC Experience Center
Click here to rsvp.

June 15, 2011
Merrick Design and Build, Inc.
Click here to rsvp.

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Furniture for the bath (Part 2)

mid continent tulip foot mid continent cove foot mid continent bun foot mid continent corbel foot mid continent tapered foot mid continent metal foot

Mid Continent's vanity program offers six different foot options to finish of the base of your vanity with style. They also offer different options for the exposed ends of the cabinet including flush finished plywood ends and matching false door end panels.

The images above are: Tulip Foot, Cove Foot, Bun Foot, Corbel Foot, Tapered Foot and Metal Foot

The Program includes:

• Bath vanities
• Tall storage cabinets
• Wall and mirror storage

Cabinet choices include a full offering of colors, styles and species from the Mid Continent kitchen program (request a brochure). Bath cabinets can be created with a number of end panel options, as well as a variety of base choices. Use this flexibility to create truly personalized cabinetry for the bath.
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A Fresh Start (Part 3)

Craft room......nearly finished......3-29-11

My fabulous craft room is almost done. I can see the light, but I have some busy work ahead of me. The closet shelving is installed and primed. The crown moldings are up. The old desk has a coat of paint (but needs another). The hardware is installed. The glass has been ordered for the glass door cabinets. More sorting was done (buttons, ribbons elastic, lace, notions, beads and jewelry findings). I still have the rubber stamps to round up, and more storage bins to find and purchase, but the new countertop is installed and painted a color which looks amazingly like the brushed nickel hardware. (!) It still needs another coat, and 2 days to dry fully.

Throughout this whole process, I have been frustrated to no end while waiting for volunteer help from my family members. I always thought of myself as a patient person, but I have felt so sorry for myself while facing tasks I could not perform myself. I am a total do-it-yourselfer, at least, housewife style, but when it comes to dangerous power tools, I have to draw the line. Expert talent and super strength have been required for cutting of plywood sheets, and installation of heavy cabinetry. Experience was needed for compressor driven pin nailers which were necessary for installation of moldings and such.
When I work with folks in the showroom to help them with the design and selections for their new kitchen, I try to prepare them for the length of time it will take to get their project completely finished. I mention that it is a great idea to make a space for “camping out” in their house. A place for a refrigerator, microwave, table and chairs, and a shelf of some sort for boxed cereals, etc. Some pre-made casseroles in the freezer are a great idea if one has the time and discipline. Sometimes a sympathetic neighbor or relative can open their kitchen up for some meal prep. Paper cups, plates and plastic flatware sure make clean up easier. I tell these families not to try to be too green for the 6 weeks or so as they will have no way to wash up.
You would think I would be relaxed about a mere craft room taking 3-4 months to re-model, but after designing it and preparing for it, it was extremely difficult to wait to fully enjoy it. I can see now that all my fun hobbies will be more accessible, and the layout will permit up to 3 people to work together in there, which will make it less isolating. The new lighting will enable me to see from every spot. The new storage will make digging and hunting for materials a thing of the past. There is a place for every single thing I have and need, and even some extra for more crafty fun.
These are all goals for a well thought out kitchen. The planning, the shopping, and the executing are all critical for the end result to be amazing. Each step of the process is exciting as you see the pieces and parts coming together. The waiting is very difficult, but is so worth it.
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Maple has never looked more beautiful!

Crystal is pleased to introduce four new stains developed to create a clean, radiant finish for maple. Not only do they look fantastic on maple, they’re available on other Crystal woods too!
Fawn on Maple

Prairie on Maple

Praline on Maple

Toffee on Maple

To see all of Crystal's finishes visit their website or stop by our showroom in Fairfax, VA.
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NARI President's Breakfast

NARI logo
The National Association of the Remodeling Industry continues its Presidents Breakfast on Thurs. March 24th. If you're a member of NARI or thinking of joining you should really take advantage of this networking opportunity. These free breakfast meetings bring together professionals in the remodeling industry to network and share their insights. There's no set agenda--just time to discuss what's on your mind.

Thursday, March 24, 2011
Host:  Ferguson Enterprises
Location:  5650 General Washington Drive
Alexandria, VA 22312
RSVP using this online form

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Host: Sisler's Stone
Location: 7139 Lee Highway
Falls Church, VA 22046
RSVP using this online form

Contact June Stanich of the Membership Committee at (703) 591-7443 or by email.

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Color Trends

Crystal cabinetry paint colors
A few new color options from Crystal Cabinetry.

A hint of color adds a little zing to any room. Three popular colors emerging are— green, gray and blue. These colors have a soothing and calming affect because they remind us of earth, sky and water and also blend well with warm wood tones.

Crystal’s greens are: Basil, Mohr Green and Sage; grays are: Overcast and Stonebridge; and for blue we have the versatile stain: Cape Cod.

Try them with different color highlights or glazes and get an entirely new shade! For instance put black highlight on Cape Cod for a cool blue, or Van Dyke Brown on Overcast for a warm gray. Mohr Green in a Rub-thru finish over Umber stain with black highlight creates an appealing, organic combination.

For more on Crystal's color options visit their website.

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Closets, Pantries, Garages, oh my!

In the next few weeks we'll be introducing you to our new custom closet line. Our website will let you explore all the unique door styles, finishes and accessories. And best of all, they offer solutions for offices, pantries and even garages. Stay tuned...

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