To keep your cabinets as beautiful as the day they were installed, it’s important to keep up on some basic cleaning. Follow these basic tips to maintain the quality of your new or old cabinets for years to come.

Basic Cleaning

A basic cleaning routine will prevent long-term damage to your cabinets. You should do some light cleaning on the interior and exterior of cabinets about once a month. 

Start by wiping the cabinets with a damp, non-abrasive cloth, followed by wiping dry with a separate, clean, non-abrasive cloth. 

To remove normal spills such as grease, oil, or food residue, use a clean damp cloth with some mild dishwashing liquid. It’s important to not use your normal dishcloth, as it may contain detergents or grease that could be harmful to your cabinet’s finish.

You should avoid any strong cleaners that contain bleach, ammonia, citrus, mineral oil, strong detergents, or soaps, and make sure not to wipe with any abrasive cloths.


Wipe spills promptly. Cabinet surfaces need to stay dry. Make sure to use a soft, clean cloth.

Avoid excessive moisture. Don’t hang wet dishcloths or towels over doors, and don’t store wet cloths inside of your cabinets.

Avoid temperature extremes. Whether it’s heat or humidity, extreme temperatures can negatively affect the stability and finish of your cabinets.

Avoid abrasives. Focus on using soft, clean cloths when cleaning and maintaining your cabinets.

It’s important to keep up on basic cleaning to ensure your cabinets maintain their quality and finish.

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